International Relations – INCOMING STUDENTS

International Semester

Students in mobility (ERASMUS +,etc.) can find in DEMGi a set of subjects with classes in english language. These subjects are grouped in scientific areas and semesters, resulting in the following International Semester.

Mechanical Engineering Spring Semester


Students in mobility (ERASMUS +, etc.) can also attend any curricular subjects of the DEMGi courses mostly in Portuguese language. In this way, each student can planify his own semestral or annual stay.

The list of courses and their curricula can be found in the following links:

Industrial Management (Bachelor)

Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management (Master)


Informations and Contacts

António Martins | +351 232 480 624 |

Susana Ferreira | +351 232 480 544 |


In order to apply or to get more information, please contact the International Relations of Polytechnic Institute of Viseu.